Thursday 16 August 2012

Chalk Mud - Our Week Outdoors

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We're back!  Most of the boxes are unpacked (well at least all the essential ones!), we have Internet and I've managed to hunt down the camera cable so we're back in blogging business!  First post back is our normal weekly outdoor play update, it happened a little while ago whilst in the midst of packing and I'm not sure how this happened given the stress of moving, but it's possibly our messiest blog post yet....

Monday 30th July - As it's school holidays here and Hubby had the day off we took the opportunity to go to Legoland with friends.  We had a brilliant time, and the queues for the different attractions went a lot quicker with Lego to play with on the way!

Tuesday - A very kind friend had the older two boys for the day and set up an arty activity for them - thank you T!  The boys did some bubble painting, the original idea comes from Kids Activities Blog.  My friend taped rolls of paper to the fence and added food colouring to the bubble mixture so when the bubbles popped against the paper it makes pretty patterns.

This is the end result, pretty!

Wednesday - In the midst of packing for our move I decided it was a great idea to let the boys play with mud (??? what can I say the washing machine was still plumbed in!).  It started quite innocently mixing mud, water and sand in a plastic box.

Then the boys added some toys to play in the mud and out came the dinosaurs.

Then the toys were painted with mud and then I turned round for a second and yep you've guessed it the boys had started to paint themselves and each other with mud!  This is the point I decided to just let them enjoy themselves and worry about the mess later!

That went on for a bit, then the boys discovered a tub that had chalks in it that had been rained on and basically been turned into chalk mud (named by the boys).  They thought it was great as it was so colourful.

So they decided to paint their faces in it!  Filthy faces, filthy clothes, but they had a lot of fun!

Thursday - The boys spent the afternoon with another friend - Thanks M! 

Friday - In the evening we went to the pub for dinner and had fun in the garden there with tree climbing and hide and seek.

Saturday - Hubby took the boys out all day so I could do yet more packing (boring for me, awesome fun for them!).  What he didn't anticipate was that it would pour down with rain, even so he took them off to the woods for some den building with our parachute.

Some catapult practise.

Some bug hunting (I think this is a slug!)

Before another pub lunch and a trip to the local museum.

Sunday - A very welcome break at Granny and Granddad's house.  Which included pond dipping and a bit of outdoor playdough play accompanied by a grasshopper!

I hope you've enjoyed another week of outdoor play.  Whilst we have been outdoors everyday during our move it's mostly been to parks etc so I won't blog about those days, but expect more creative outdoor fun next week!

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  1. What a wonderful set of activities - I love the look of the chalk mud and think I may have to leave ours out accidentally to make some.

    Thank you for Linking to Tuesday Tots

    1. Thanks, would def recommend leaving out some chalk! Thanks for hosting Tuesday Tots and the new blogging with kids.

  2. Love all their mud activities that they came up with :)

  3. Looks like a very messy time!

    1. Messy it was, not something we do everyday, but the boys had a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. the bubble paper would make cute gift wrap. and that chalk mud is a great sensory activity! thanks for linking this up to tip-toe thru tuesday.

  5. Oh yeah I see what you mean, your boys do like painting themselves too don't they : )
    It is kinda cute though isn't it.

  6. Thanks for sharing this on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you’ll be back again this week with some more great ideas!

  7. What great activities!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  8. Another lovely week outdoors! thanks for linking to the outdoor play party.

  9. Looks like wonderful, messy fun! We have a parachute that my boys love to turn into a fort, too. Love it!

    1. Thanks Allison! Your messy fun in the pool is a big source of inspiration!

  10. I love all the messy outdoor fun your boys have!


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