Wednesday 8 August 2012

I'll be back soon!

Pin It In my head I am super organised, well planned and in control, in reality I have to remind myself not to leave the house with my slippers on! 

I'm telling you this as we are moving house and I had loads of great plans of scheduling all these wonderful posts so that there wouldn't be a gap in blogging..... in reality I never found the time and then have managed to pack my camera cable somewhere in a box so I can't upload photos!

Oh well, I'll cut myself some slack and will be back soon!  Not sure how long till I will post again (maybe a week or two), last time we moved house it took FOREVER to get the broadband set up, but watch this space.....


  1. No!!! I mean...good luck! I'll miss the MbM emails, they make my day when they arrive (lots of good ideas for my little guy).

  2. Just found your blog a week or so ago and I absolutely love the simplicity of your ideas and they are so fun! I actually mentioned your blog recently on mine. Our blog is just a regular family blog, nothing big but thanks again for your ideas! I look forward to continuing to read!


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