Thursday 13 December 2018

Just One Game Review

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Sometimes I love a family game with the kids, sometimes something a bit more serious and competitive, but sometimes a party game is what's required.  'Just One' is a super easy to play, but incredibly fun party game for 3-7 players, it took literally seconds to explain as the concept is so simple, but the next twenty minutes of play produced a lot of laughs, puzzled looks and 'aha' moments, want to find out more?  Read on.....

'Just One' is a word association co-operative party game suitable for ages 8 years plus, or to be honest younger depending on their reading ability.  Each player receives a mini whiteboard and pen and then the first lead player takes a card and without looking picks one of the words numbered one through five.  The other players, who can see the card, then have to write words on their whiteboard that will help the lead player guess what the word on the card is.  The fun bit is that any duplicates on the whiteboards are removed, so the trick is to choose a word that is obvious enough the lead player can guess the word on the card, but not so obvious that other players have also chosen the same word.  Then the next person gets to be the guessing lead player.  Got it?  Here's an example in the picture below, what would your guess be??

Did you guess it?  The word was 'wave' and yep we guessed it correctly, in fact in our three player game (which means you all get two boards each) we scored nine and then twelve out of thirteen cards correctly.  The words are pretty clever, lots of double meaning - wave goodbye, waves in the sea - which to be honest added to the hilarity.  Especially, funny moments were when duplicate boards had to be taken away or when someone had a super obscure clue - what would you guess if the clues were 'eggs', 'twigs', 'bed' and 'chimpanzee'?  We didn't get that one right either (it was nest!).

The whiteboards and pens were great quality, all fitted back easily in the box and with 110 cards with five words on each there's lots of replayability.  Brilliant for those occasions when you need just a bit of fun, and or there's lots of non-gamers wanting to play.  The only complaint was you're against the game and just trying to get a perfect score, so there's no real winning, but that concern was soon left in the dust after several hilarious rounds!  We had a great time playing this I hope you do to.

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