Wednesday 5 September 2012

Build, build, build - Our week outdoors

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Children engineering

This past week outdoors we haven't done as much art and crafts as usual, but we have been building!

Monday 27th August - Auntie E and Uncle P visited and we went for a walk in a nearby forest and had a great time with our first building activity of the week - den building.  Here's Champ collecting sticks.

Then here's the completed den, perfect for a snack or two.  It was definitely the best den we've built so far!

Tuesday - Another trip to Warwick castle and this time Champ and Dude had fun on the swings together.

Then we got to watch some outdoor sword fighting and meet the performers.  A really great day out.

Wednesday & Thursday - More trips to the park and a few pics of the boys doing their favourite activities.  Champ jumping on the trampoline.

Bud and Uncle P climbing.

And Little Dude having fun on the rocking horse.

Friday - We've just moved house and with all moves you end up with a few bits and pieces for the bin and in our case I ended up with 8 caster wheels (long story).  I gave them to the boys and got them to guess what they were.  Then once they'd worked out what they were challenged them to build something using them and some duct tape.

Our first effort was to add wheels to the wash basket.  Bud wanted to make an aeroplane he could sit in and we were going to add tennis rackets for wings.  Unfortunately when we tested it's weight bearing ability with a brick the wheels just fell off and Bud decided he was heavier than a brick so we needed a new plan!

Next up with a bit of guidance from me were some kids chairs that have a hole in the bottom of the legs.  Here's Champ checking them out.

We decided to try adding wheels to the chairs.  After a bit of struggling with the duct tape....

.... this is what we came up with.  It's basically a kids size office chair!  The boys then enjoyed pushing each other along the pavement on it!

But, the engineering efforts weren't over yet!  Bud also came up with a few more creations including this one with wheels at each end of some PVC pipe - I think it's some kind of radar weapon thing!  The wheels have stayed out there and have been added to our increasing loose parts collection so hopefully they'll be pulled out again sometime!

Saturday - Today we visited Alton Towers a theme park.  We went as we have an annual pass that gets us into this and other attractions, I thought it'd be all about roller coasters, but there was actually a lot kids our boys age could do.  This is them listening to a book worm tell them jokes!

And this is them 'driving' a tractor.  It looked just like the real deal, but ran on a track - perfect for learner drivers under the age of 5!

Oh and I couldn't resist adding this one of Bud's 'cute face'!

Sunday - A big family event today with lots of people coming back to ours after so we all sat out in the garden on literally every chair in our house and the boys enjoyed playing pirates with Auntie E!
Another great week outdoors, I hope you've enjoyed it.  If you liked this why not check out some of our other outdoor play posts.


  1. I love all the creativity and ingenuity. So awesome!

  2. I had so much reading this most. You are and amazing mom! I'm going to try a couple of these activities with my boys. Building a den, adding wheels to one of the chairs - they are going to love it!

  3. Everything you did looked like so much fun! The castor wheels ecpesially, I love how creative children are!

  4. What a great week!! Looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing on Sharing Saturday!!

  5. duck tape. it'll fix anything :) thanks for linking this up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  6. Another fabulous week outdoors! Thanks for linking to the outdoor play party!

  7. Nice to visit your blog. Thanks for keeping the blog! I've been watching a bit and enjoy your posts.


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