Wednesday 18 July 2012

More Outdoor Play

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Despite the fact that the British Summer has consisted of rain pretty much everyday we have been outdoors everyday!  I thought getting outdoors everyday would be hard in the winter, but not the summer!  If you have any good rainy day outdoor play let me know in your comments I'd love to hear from you!

Monday 9th July - We had a lot of fun at the park with friends.  I turned round to discover that Bud had decided to learn how to fly on what we call the 'spinny thing'.  Inspired by our eldest son Hubby decided to give flying a go too!

Tuesday - We painted outdoors with food coloured shaving foam.  We've played with shaving foam before, and there's heaps of posts about it, probably because it is great messy play!

The boys painted the floor, themselves...

... and then set about 'washing' their toy car

Wednesday - While Champ was out swimming with Hubby I asked Bud what he'd like to do and he requested (again!) to do 'the fizzing thing'.  We've done this before here and here and all we do is mix bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, but Bud LOVES doing this.

This time he wanted to make 'rivers of fizz'!  We put the bicarbonate of soda in the pavement cracks on our patio.

Then poured out the vinegar (excuse the weeds!)

The vinegar then flowed along to make Buds desired 'rivers of fizz'!  He was very satisfied with the results!

Next up I taped together some paper and we drew on it with crayons.  Unfortunately we didn't get to do this for long as it started to rain - boo - so we carried on inside instead.

Thursday - Another overcast day, but Champ and I braved the possible rain and he helped me hang out some washing.  He was then very helpful 20 minutes later when we had to bring it all in again, as yep you've guessed it, it rained again!

Friday - We got out with the water guns again.  This time when clearing out the garage Hubby found a target for playing with water guns so we set that up and had some water fun.

Saturday - The boys went off for the morning with Hubby and had good fun walking into town and then running round lots plus having their weekly sausage roll sat outside.

Sunday - After an awesome Dedication service at church (like a christening) we headed off for a picnic in the woods with friends.  There was loads of kids  there and the boys enjoyed hanging out with the bigger kids building dens and waging gang wars!

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  1. Hannah I love all the different, really simple things you do with your boys - so much fun! I like hte baking soda/vinegar in the cracks idea, mmm one ot put on the list for September. Thanks again for linking htis one up too, going to share on my page & tweet.

  2. It's great to see you all out enjoying yourselves and learning thru play despite the rain! Thanks for linking with us at tip toe thru tuesday!

  3. Such a busy fun week. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  4. Us its been raining here all the time too. At least you've still been able to get outside and I love the shaving foam activities.

    Thanks for linking to Sunday showcase.


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