Monday 30 April 2012

Sharks and shaving foam

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OK, so I realised we haven't yet done anything with a three splat rating, so here's a blog post about some of the fun we had recently with shaving foam.

There are heaps of posts about shaving foam - playing with it, painting with it, mixing it with water beads, gloop... you name it it's been done!  A couple of fab posts on it are on Play, Create, Explore, Oz Mummy and this recent one from Growing a Jewelled Rose.

The way I did it was to lay down a load of towels on the floor, mix a little food colouring in with the shaving foam in a bowl and give the boys paintbrushes.  Then I told them to paint their bodies!

So they painted themselves!

They painted each other, who thought it was ace!

Then they painted some toys, namely a shark, a bat and some plastic bugs!

Then the stuck their hands in it....

..... then their feet!  This was messy, but they loved it so much they kept it really confined to the towels and cleaning it up was easy as I just wiped them down with the towels then gave them a wash later.  Great fun and the boys thought it was so cool to paint each other!


  1. My son would love your shark! We've done this activity b/c Bobo ends up painting himself everyday. I was the messiest after b/c I carried him to the bath.

    1. I know what you mean about the mess, I was very pleased I had the towels on hand!

  2. How much FUN is shaving cream? It's the best. These pics are adorable. Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Kid's Co-op!


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