Wednesday 11 July 2012

Melon Bash Fizz - Our Week Outdoors

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Welcome to our weekly outdoor play update!  If you follow the blog you'll know that we try to get outdoors everyday for play and we manage it most days despite the wettest British summer since records began!  Hope you enjoy this week's antics (although it's a week later than normal as we've been off on holiday!).....

Monday 25th June - The boys enjoyed the sand left over from Champs birthday party, although I've been reminded why I DON'T LIKE SAND - it gets everywhere!!  I've decided I prefer mud!

Tuesday - More sand play only this time as it rained overnight this was wet sand which has only compounded my dislike of sand, unfortunately the boys thought it was brilliant so I went with it!  They also rediscovered their spray bottles left over from spray painting so the wet sand also got a bit of colour.

Here's Bud absolutely filthy, but very happy with his sand potions!  Although I confess after this play session when the boys were in bed I got Hubby to hunt down all the wet sand and remove it - one day was more than enough!

Wednesday - While Champ was out swimming with Hubby, Bud and I had our weekly Mummy date.  First we bashed golf tees into melons (I got the idea from ABC does), but then Bud really wanted to make a fizz as he loved our fizz fun so much.

So out came the baking soda and white vinegar and Bud set about his experiment using the inside of the melons.

And here are the very fizzy results....

Next up we did some chalking, this is something we do quite regularly but inspired by recent posts at Picklebums and Nurturestore where they used chalkboard paint on blocks to create chalk characters we then went on to chalk on stones.

This turned into a whole imaginary world for Bud, we created a whole town with a school, houses and lots of bendy people.  Entertainment for ages!

Thursday - Today was sunny so we stayed outside and did some foil painting.  The boys were watching some TV after lunch and saw Mister Maker (British kids art show) do foil painting and instantly requested that they do some do.

First, I stuck tin foil onto a piece of card for each boy then gave them paint to cover the whole foil sheet.

Then they used the end of a pencil to make marks in the painted sheet so that the foil shines through underneath.  What they enjoyed most was repainting over the top of their marks and then doing it all over again, good fun and for once no one decided to paint themselves as well!

Friday - Hubby had the day off and the boys had a friend over so while I packed for our holiday the train track came outside and they built a huge track!  This photo makes me laugh as if you look closely you can see Champ and Bud working out ownership of a train, aka fighting - ah the joys!

Train ownership issues resolved Bud invented what he called an 'uptrack' where the train track climbed up the fence!

Saturday - No outdoor play today as we were at a birthday party in the morning then spent all afternoon travelling to our holiday location.

Sunday - A day at a nearby aviation centre which hosted a car rally.  Very good fun and lots of space for running.  I thought this was an ace photo this is Hubby and Champ watching a Lancaster Bomber (plane from World War Two) start up.  Two things make me chuckle, firstly, Champ's little hands over his ears as it was REALLY noisy and secondly, Hubby's hoodie as it was raining - so much for a summer vacation!!

But, we never let a little bit of rain stop us!  Enjoyed our outdoor fun?  Stop back soon to see our holiday outdoor adventures or check out more outdoor posts - enjoy!


  1. The foil painting looks like a great idea! Lovely post! Xxx

  2. Wow! So much fun. That is my favorite; to build trains with the kids. I am so glad I found your blog. I had my first boy in January. I am a new member. Hope to see you at True Aim. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the foil painting idea! And I'm with you on sand! :) it does tend to get everywhere doesn't it! Hope you are having fun on your holiday!

  4. Oh, what great ideas!! Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  5. Some great ideas here - the melon & golf tees idea, I did this with pumpkins but never thought of melons. Thanks for adding it to the link up.

  6. Ooooo I LOVE the foil painting idea! Definitely going to give that a try. I love all your outdoor activities. You are such a fun Mommy! :)

  7. What fabulous inspiration for outdoor play! I love to see families who make outdoor play a daily priority. Especially love the melons and chalk ideas! Fabulous!

    Thank you for linking up to The Outdoor Play Party!

  8. Thanks for sharing the fun at tip toe thru tuesday!

  9. Wow, so many great ideas! I love the melon activities! I don't really love sand either...unless it is at the beach, then it's great...but so far my little one hasn't been too intrigued by it.

    If you're interested I'd love for you to link up at my Toddler Linky!

  10. Love all your fun, outdoor activities! Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party!

  11. Thanks for sharing this! Looks like tons of messy fun. I adore the melon fizz! Need to remember that for my little guy. :)


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