Saturday, 7 April 2012

Foam Window Art

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The idea for this foam window art is from The Imagination Tree and I've since seen others do similar in the bath including these sea scenes.  Basically, you take foam sheets, snip them to whatever shape you like, give the kids some water and a brush and let them make pictures as the water makes the foam stick to the windows - yey!  My shapes were very simple (due to my lack of artistic ability!), but the ones linked above give you lots of creative ideas.  But basically you can do anything, circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and some petals worked well for us.

The boys really loved this and it was fun to watch the different ways they play.  Bud put lots of shapes in a long chain and made up a story about going to the moon, whilst Champ ordered his bits of foam by shape and colour!

Extra bonus was these all fitted nicely into a small plastic tub and are in the cupboard ready and waiting for another day I just need to add a pot of water and brushes.  Something ready and waiting for another rainy day.

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