Wednesday 25 July 2012

Window Painting - Our Week Outdoors

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Another week outdoors and a few glimpses of sunshine!

Monday 16th July - We started the week with a bit of foam window art.  We've done this before (it was in fact one of my first posts).  Basically you cut out foam shapes and give the kids water and a brush and the water sticks the shapes to the window.

Bud wanted to make a cloud picture and was soon watched by Little Dude who was inside!

Funny how different kids play different ways.  Bud was all about telling a story with his shapes, whereas Champ was all about matching the same size shapes together.  Either way, both had fun!

Tuesday - A few glimmers of sunshine despite the boggy grass we brought some indoor toys outside and played with aliens and dragons

Wednesday - Window painting!  The idea for this comes from a post from Hands On As We Grow.  They used tempura paint and washing up liquid (dish soap), we used ready mix paint.  I was worried the ready mix paint might stain the frames which are UPVC so I did a test patch the night before and it wiped off the next day fine.

Bud really enjoyed this painting, in part because we did lots of storytelling with it at the same time.  It was just me and him as Dude was sleeping and Champ was out with Hubby so we had a nice bit of one on one time.

He also really enjoyed colour mixing.  This is our purple rain cloud with red and blue rain.

This is our full masterpiece!

Thursday - We are now officially on school holidays!  So a bit of sand play in the morning.

Then some bubbles in the afternoon.  I REALLY want to make giant bubbles, but all the recipes use Dawn dish soap, water and corn syrup and in the UK I've only found the water!  I've read that you can substitute corn syrup for British Golden Syrup in recipes, but can tell you it doesn't work for bubbles - humph!  If anyone has any tips or recipes let me know in the comments!

Friday - Outside reading with Hubby

Saturday - Awesome family BBQ hosted by Auntie G and Uncle A.  The day included a 'blend off'!  Auntie G and Uncle A had been raving about how superior their stick blender was so we decided to compare - in total four blenders were entered into the competition, and although our cheapy Tesco blender didn't win it certainly held its own!

The challenges were:
1 - ability to create a whirlpool in water
2 - ability to puree strawberries in 3 seconds
3 - ability to crush ice in 3 seconds
4 - ability to froth coffee into foam enough that the mug its in can be held upside down over the blenders head

Hubby and Bud were in charge of the coffee round and Bud got so covered in coffee he looks like he's got freckles!

He also took great delight in holding the cup over his Dad's head!  Coffee foam, a new sensory play idea hmmm?

Sunday - Dinner outside at the pub which included a lot of tree climbing for the boys and their friends

Yey for another week of outdoor play!  If you like this post why not check out my ever increasing Outdoor Play Pin board for more ideas!


  1. What a fun and active week you had! Impressive. I've just discovered your blog and instantly LOVED the name. I have five children, four of them are boys and I have often said that I'm making men. A high calling indeed. Keep up your good work, your boys WILL be mighty men one day.

  2. I'd like to come over and play sometime! You all have such creative and fun weeks... I love this painting on the window activity and am so glad you shared at tip toe thru tuesday!

  3. Windows are just soooo irresistible to kids, aren't they!?

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. This is another great post! Please link this one also to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3. You have such creative ideas of fun projects with different types of paint.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  5. What a great week!! It looks like you got a lot in there even for a vacation week. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  6. What an awesome week of outdoor play! We'll have to try the foam window art - I know my son will love it. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase.

  7. I love your site! We just did the foam window art and my son loved it! He even started 'spelling' with the rectangles! He enjoyed making stories with the pictures he created.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, so pleased your son enjoyed it, I love how kids can make a story up from anything! Thanks for stopping by.


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