Monday 4 June 2012

Fizzing Fun!

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A bit of a classic today - vinegar and baking powder!  Mix in a bit of food colouring and you get a pretty fizz!  I did this on two separate occasions recently once with Champ and once with Bud, I set it up a bit differently for them, but they both ended up the same way......

First I got out the vinegar and poured it into pots then added a little food colouring, then I got some baking powder (baking soda) and put it in a bowl.  Add in some droppers (ours are from old Infacol bottles, but you could use little syringes or teaspoons) and get ready to fizz!

First, Champ used the droppers which he hadn't used before and took a while for him to get how and when to squeeze, but he got there!

Then he started to pouring the baking powder into the vinegar.

The second time round with Bud I set it up with a muffin tin and more colours.

Bud really enjoyed experimenting with the colours and trying out a bit of colour mixing.  Here are the results:

Fizzy and fun, but clearly too small scale for Bud, so things went the same way as they did for Champ....

 ... he started pouring out the vinegar too....

... and how about that for an excited face!  Pretty cool huh!  Made me a super cool Mum when Bud told Hubby that 'today he'd made explosions!'


  1. This idea never gets old :)

  2. You are a Super cool mum, indeed, another great idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. I'll definitely be trying this with my toddler. He will love it.

  4. y'know we've meant to do this for soooo long! maybe we'll try soon! i love that you added color to it! thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  5. I've done the vinegar and baking soda but never experimented this much. Fun to include a dropper. My kids would love it. Thanks.

  6. The classics are the best - I still haven't done this with J but it's on our to do list

    Thank you for linking to Tuesday Tots this week.

  7. i just wanted to let you know that this will be featured at tip-toe thru tuesday tomorrow!

  8. Oh, how fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!


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