Monday 11 June 2012

3 Ways To Paint With Marbles

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Today, I am delighted that today's post has been provided by my lovely sister - Auntie B!  She is way more creative than me and as a Primary (Elementary) School teacher she is great at introducing learning into play.  Here are the results of the fun she had with her two boys, BigBud who's 4 and Buster who's 2 1/2, when they tried out some marble painting inspired by a pin I'd found from One Perfect Day.

First Auntie B set out all the materials needed - paints, marbles and baking tins lined with paper.  She also had spare paper on hand to keep this activity going.

The first method was to dip the marbles in the paint then to roll them around, as shown by Buster above.  This puts a lot less paint on the page so the results are prettier.

Here's BigBud giving it a go, loving the concentration!

The second method was to squirt the paint straight onto the paper then roll the marbles through it.  Lots more paint so the results weren't as pretty, but as there's more paint there's more opportunity to experiment with colour mixing, which I'm told BigBud really enjoyed.

The third way they painted was to cut out paper triangles and rest them on the bottom of the tin, squirt the paint on top then get rolling. 

This created shape 'resist' areas, so when the triangles are peeled away you get blank triangle spaces.  Great for learning shapes and BigBud loved pulling away the triangles and revealing the white paper below.

Here's a comparison of the results....

 And this is what happens when you turn your back!  Buster decided to check out what the paint tasted like, but he also enjoyed the washing up too!

 Thanks Auntie B for sharing your fun day!

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  1. Very cool results, I'm sure he enjoyed himself! Thanks for sharing!
    Lauzi @ Happy Little Munchkins

  2. Thanks for sharing that my boys would just LOVE to do this!

  3. Ooh I never thought of doing marble painting in different ways! Wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  4. This looks like so much FUN!! Thanks for sharing on TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)

  5. LOVE the idea of using the shape resist to make it a little more interesting. Thanks for sharing with the Kids Co-Op!

  6. Oh, how fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!


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